Sunday, February 10, 2013


Nepal is populated country. According 2058 B.S census its population is 2,31,51,423. According to 2068 B.S census its population 2,66,20,809. Its population growth rate is 14.99 % . Its  population density  is 181 people per sq. km. According  to 2068 B.S census  Kathamandu has the  largest population  (17,40,977) and Manang has the least population (6,527) . Among three geographical region Terai has the maximun population density (392 people per and Himalayan region has least population (35 people per sq km). Central development has the maximum and Far western has minimun population. According to 2068 B.S census female has the highest population  than male population. Nepal is facing rapid population growth due to illetracy, high birth rate, low death rate, high infant mortality rate , due to superstitious belief. Tho Nepal is very smaller than Australia, but population of Nepal is larger than Australia.

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  1. In order to decrease PGR each and every person of the country should be facilated with population knowledge and eduation.